Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common question, and every individual’s body will react at a different rate from the
changes by following the Wahls Protocol. My 16 week program is usually the perfect amount of
time to start seeing major changes in your health and the way your body feels.

The short answer is no; The beauty of the Wahls Protocol is that we are getting back to the
basics of eating. We can tailor your daily intake to the simplest of meals, to ensure you aren’t
overwhelmed by needing to prepare and cook a lavish meal three times a day. I am also a big
proponent of utilizing leftovers for subsequent meals! However, if you are a person who enjoys
cooking, I can make suggestions of wonderful recipes and meals for you to try!

While eating out is harder to control exactly how your food is prepared, I understand the social
aspect of dining out with friends and family. I can teach you how to best account for eating out
at restaurants.

Many of us need accountability when implementing a big life change, especially surrounding
diet and lifestyle changes. I have been through it myself, I have needed a lot of help, I have
fallen off, I have gotten back on, all with the support of my team. I am here to guide and teach
you, and help you throughout the process. By working with me you will get one on one help and
support throughout our 16 weeks together.

Always consult your practitioner before making huge dietary changes while pregnant and/or
breastfeeding. The Wahls Protocol focuses on nutrient-dense foods to nourish your body and
restore optimal cellular health, which is helpful when nourishing another human being! I have
had two children myself and am currently breastfeeding.

Depending on your preference, we will meet either through video calls or phone calls. For
questions that pop up along the way, and weekly check ins, I am reachable via email.

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