untreated autoimmune disease. Many common autoimmune diseases present themselves with skin flares such as psoriasis, celiac disease (dermatitis herpetiformis), scleroderma, lupus, and many others. When we treat the underlying overactive immune response, oftentimes the skin irritations will dissipate. Nourishing your body with nutrient-dense foods, ensuring you are getting the vitamins and minerals that are needed for your skin, and ridding your body of toxins all help encourage the skin to heal. With autoimmune rashes and conditions, your skin is screaming out to you– but are you listening?

I no longer have to cover my body in Aquaphor, utilize topical steroids, or feel embarrassed by my rashes. My skin is no longer plagued with painful rashes and sores. Before finding the Wahls Protocol, I tried nearly everything to treat my raging eczema and dermatitis herpetiformis. I urge you to consider healing yourself through the Wahls Protocol.


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skin condition related to autoimmune disorder

Autoimmune Guide: What is your skin telling you?

I have the most vivid memory of being in 7th grade, a ruthless time no matter how you dice it,…

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Mother with a new born struggling with postpartum depression.

Postpartum Support

It’s something I did not understand until it happened to me–the inexplicable exhaustion, the overwhelming love paired with an aching…

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Multiple Sclerosis and The Wahls Protocol

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a frightening diagnosis. This disease does not care if you have young kids to parent, or…

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salsa and salad dressing recipe

The Scoop on Salsa

I was recently reading the label of a commonly found salsa verde… yellow dye, red dye, blue dye and thickeners…

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Almond milk recipe

Almond Milk Recipe | Non-Dairy Solution

Non-dairy milk alternatives have gained popularity which is quite exciting for those who must avoid dairy. It’s a whole new…

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Magic Bone Broth

Bone broth has recently gained increased popularity, and now regularly displayed on market shelves. While convenient, I find this to…

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Turmeric Tea for Joint Pain

In my early days of implementing the Wahls Protocol, I have a very clear memory of standing in my sweet…

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